The Story Behind The Business of Teaching

History and Vision

Some people are born public speakers. Others are made. This site is for those of you in the latter category. Most public speaking resources come from those who are naturally charismatic. Those resources offer good advice, however, people who are less extroverted often have trouble internalizing such guidance.

I transformed from someone who truly feared and despised public speaking into someone who relies on it to make a living (and enjoys doing so). This doesn’t mean public speaking is easy, though. However, through this site, I hope to show that with hard work and the use of business principles, fear and loathing of public speaking can be overcome.

Who Should Visit This Site?

As the name implies, The Business of Teaching illustrates how proven business principles can apply to all forms of public speaking, training, and instruction. So whether you are a trainer, lecturer, language teacher, or simply just need to give an occasional PowerPoint presentation, you’ll find useful advice here.

Eventually, I hope that anyone interested in public speaking will be able to apply The Business of Teaching in order to increase audience (read: customer) satisfaction and subsequently  job performance, salary, and career prospects.

How This Site Works

This site originated as a blog emphasizing quality content with a laser-like focus on you, the target audience.  It evolved into a content curation website with an emphasis placed on original, quality content instead of daily/weekly posts designed to drive traffic.  Therefore, updates will be meaningful yet sporadic.  So, if you enjoy what you read, please subscribe so that you don’t miss the latest post.

About the Author

As a writer, project manager, and trainer, I help international companies and individuals achieve measurable success.  To find out more, visit my landing page at:

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