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In the midst of my recent seminar about reading and discussing financial statements, I made a rare, spontaneous decision.  Instead of simply explaining how accrual accounting works, I picked up a piece of paper, created a 100-yen IOU note, and handed it to one of the attendees. Continue reading

Case Study: Learn to Read Chinese … with Ease!

Commemorative Wall at Buddhist Monastery

Many of my American friends and family members often wonder how I can take on such a seemingly overwhelming language as Japanese.  Well the answer to that, as well as an excellent example of audience involvement, can be found in today’s case study. Continue reading

Case Study: Managing Flow

Now that we have introduced the concept of flow, and two major tools to achieve it, let’s bring it all together with a practical example.  The following slides are taken from the Talking About Your Company segment of one of my business English seminars.  It’s designed for lower-intermediate-level English learners. Continue reading

Case Study: How to Live Longer by Playing Games

To show you an example of what I have been talking about so far (and to prove that I’m not making all of this up), I’m going to need about 20 minutes of your time. The good news, however, is that after you finish watching the video below, you’ll add seven and a half minutes to your life. Therefore, I really only need about 12.5 minutes of your time… Anyway, think about what we’ve covered thus far and check out this presentation: Continue reading