Case Study: Learn to Read Chinese … with Ease!

Commemorative Wall at Buddhist Monastery

Many of my American friends and family members often wonder how I can take on such a seemingly overwhelming language as Japanese.  Well the answer to that, as well as an excellent example of audience involvement, can be found in today’s case study. Continue reading

“Why Should I Attend Your Presentation?”

As you prepare for your next class or presentation, imagine your audience asking the aforementioned question. If you can’t answer this, you are wasting your audience’s time (and they’ll be sure to remind you of that with their feedback).

Think carefully about how you can add value to your performance. If you are teaching a language, make sure that you are constantly providing phrases, expressions, and grammar that aren’t included in the lesson materials (provide content with full-sentence examples for extra utility). If you are giving a seminar or presentation, make your presentation interactive (if possible), so that the audience can experience what they are learning. Continue reading