One Article That Will Immediately Improve Your Presentations


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Nancy Duarte’sLike Yoda You Must Be” has been posted on LinkedIn for a while, but I just now got around to reading it.  Hopefully, however, it will be new to most of you. Not only is it great advice for making your audience the center of your presentations, but it also addresses a problem I often see in my line of work. Continue reading

Power Through the Corners


One of the things that separates driving enthusiasts from daily commuters is that enthusiasts know how to take a corner.  While most drivers ride the brakes or coast through the entire curve, a skilled driver is on the gas just after hitting the apex.  A similar thing can be said about skilled public speakers. Continue reading

Meet and Greet


As I mentioned before, planning and rehearsing are critical for successful presentations.  There is, however,  one thing that you might have to do on the spot:  a meet and greet.

For those of you who do a lot of one-off seminars, you might not have a clue about your audience beforehand.  Yet, as previously discussed, tailoring your content to your audience is critical.  So dos this mean that we are at an impasse here?  Not at all. Continue reading


Businessman Giving Presentation

One of the most well-known rules of public speaking is to know the details about where you are going to present, before your present.  How big is the room?  How are the chairs and desks arranged?  What version of PowerPoint is available?  Is PowerPoint available at all? Continue reading